2017 Presidents Message from Pedro Orso-Delg ....

Dear APWA Members,

Please let me reiterate that I wish everyone a very fruitful and healthy 2017!  At our strategic planning meeting with the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs, we developed a blueprint of what we will be focusing on in 2017.  Our main goals are described below:

1)  MEMBERSHIP GROWTH.   We will do this by continuing to offer outstanding luncheon programs, workshops, and training opportunities.

2)  MENTORING AND ENGAGEMENT WITH YOUNG PROFESSIONALS.  We hope to do this by encouraging informal events like happy hours, coffee meetups, or luncheons, with high level executives in a forum that will be more engaging and less intimidating.

3)  CROSS-COMMITTEE SYNERGIES.  We will look for opportunities to host joint committee events to multiply our outreach results and cross-pollinate member interests.

4)  UPDATE OUR FINANCIAL RESERVE POLICY.   The finances of our organization are in a very healthy state so we will look for ways to expand services to our members. 

5)  EXPAND PROGRAMS / INCREASE BENEFITS.  This goes hand-in-hand with the first topic, growing our membership. We want to have programs that are relevant to today's important topics and provide our members with added value.

6)  OPERATIONS FOCUS.   We will increase our focus on the operations and maintenance side of public works and provide services and programs targeted for these professionals.

7)  ASCE COLLABORATION.  We will work more closely with ASCE to identify member needs and allow for more sharing of information.

These are some of main areas of focus for the board in 2017.  However, we will need the help of the members at large to help us achieve these goals.  This can only be done by us knowing what topics you feel are relevant or how services can be enhanced, by your engagement with the board, and by volunteering on a committee.  We need to grow in our leadership impact and the way to do this is for you to PARTICIPATE IN APWA COMMITTEES!


Pedro Orso-Delgado, President

APWA San Diego-Imperial Valley Counties Chapter



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