Past Presidents Council

In 1998, under the leadership of Keith Gillfillan (Chapter President, 1997), the Past Presidents Council (PPC) was formed, as an advisory and support group to the Board of Directors. This Council advises the Board on strategic issues and takes on special assignments such as facilitating strategic planning of the incoming executive board, writing articles to the local publication on matters affecting public works, preparing updates to the by-laws, and serving on local public works-related commissions and boards. The PPC also provides a valuable link to past executive councils and continuity to key decisions that helped mold the Chapter in prior years. At the beginning of the year, they solicit special assignments from the new executive board, or recommend tasks that they may take on. The Immediate Past President, who sits on the executive board, acts as the liaison to the PPC and keeps them informed on current board actions and decisions. Early assignments for the PPC began by writing editorial articles to local publications on such issues as aging infrastructure, costs of delivering a capital project, and unfunded mandates. Members of the PPC serve on boards and commissions, such as the City of San Diego Consultant Pre-Selection Committee, which evaluates consultant qualifications for specific City projects and recommends consultants for the final selection.

This group was especially valuable in recruiting, organizing, and monitoring over 400 volunteers for the 2003 APWA Congress in San Diego. A daunting year-long assignment leading up to the Congress and working tirelessly throughout Congress. Many past presidents have served, and currently serve, on the House of Delegates (HOD), acting as liaisons between APWA National and our chapter, and advising on matters of new chapter operations, policies, and procedures as set by National.  Members of the PPC include (year as president):

Jayne Janda-Timba (2020) Silvia Noriega (2019) Kevin Gibson (2018) Pedro Orso-Delgado (2017) Roya Golchoobian (2016) Vic Bianes (2015) Clark Fernon (2014) Jim Haughey (2013) Linda Scott (2003) Doug Isbell (2002) Paul Cooley (2001) Augie Chang (1999) Keith Gillifillan (1997) Jim Casey (1995) John Sullivan (1994) Rinus Baak (1985) Chuck Bras (1982) Don Kaiser (1980) Bob Friedgen (1973) John Pizzato (1967) Lane Cole (1962-63)

    Total Member : 18
  • Ms. Linda K. Scott
  • Mr. Vic Bianes, PE
  • Mr. James R. Haughey, LEED AP, PE
  • Mr. Clark Fernon, PE
  • Mr. Paul Edward Cooley, PE
  • Mr. Agustin E. Chang, ENV SP
  • Mr. Keith A. Gillfillan, PE
  • Mr. James P. Casey, (retired)
  • Mr. Marinus W. Baak
  • Mr. Charles Bras
  • Mr. Donald R. Kaiser
  • Mr. Robert D. Friedgen
  • Mr. John F. Pizzato
  • Mr. Lane F. Cole
  • Mr. Kevin R. Gibson
  • Ms. Silvia A. Noriega
  • Ms. Roya Golchoobian, PE
  • Ms. Jayne M. Janda-Timba, PE, ToR, QSD, QSP

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