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   APWA San Diego 2021 Election of Officers

Start Date:11/2/2020     End Date:11/30/2020

APWA San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter

Officer Roles and Responsibilities

Past President

  • Chair Nominating Committee for next year’s election of the Board of Directors including Officer positions
  • Mentor the President and other officers as needed
  • Chair the Ad Hoc P.A.C.E. Award Committee
  • Coordinate with Past Presidents on ad hoc assignments


  • Run and maintain order at regular Board meetings
  • Set Board meeting Agenda
  • Run general membership luncheons
  • Maintain communication among the directors and officers
  • Maintain communication between the Chapter and APWA National
  • Attend APWA PWX
  • Organize and run annual Strategic Planning session
  • Committee member of all Chapter Committees
  • Make required appointments such as Treasurer and committee chairs
  • Enter into contract with hotel for monthly membership luncheons
  • Respond to media requests pertaining to chapter
  • Participate in selection of Chapter Administrator Selection
  • Coordinate end of year Board dinner with APWA National President
  • Coordinate selection of board members to attend APWA Leadership Conference
  • Appoint replacement for any vacant board positions after elections have taken place
  • Review by-laws to ensure chapter is in compliance with policies and procedures
  • Assist Awards Committee with distribution of chapter awards
  • Approve the role and function of all chapter committees
  • Coordinate purchase of gifts for presenters with Treasurer
  • Manage location and storage of Banner & table cloth
  • Invite Region Director to attend chapter events
  • Coordinate with APWA National President and APWA Executive Director to come to SD


  • Arrange general membership luncheon speakers and agency spotlights via and Chair Programs Committee
  • Coordinate luncheon information (speaker names, bios, topics, etc.) with the Chapter Administrator
  • Coordinate joint luncheons with other groups (ASCE, APWA committees, etc.)
  • Serve as Board liaison to one or more committees
  • Attend APWA PWX
  • Member of the annual audit committee
  • Assist President with selection of Chapter Administrator Selection
  • Ensure chapter website is current

Vice President

  • Arrange general membership luncheon sponsors
  • Develop Marketing plan to solicit sponsors for monthly luncheon
  • Secure a candidate for the “Emerging Leader” nomination to board for submission in August.
  • Serve as Board liaison to one or more committees
  • Review all solicitation, training and notices prior to placement on chapter internet site
  • Assist Awards Committee with Sponsor coordination at Awards Luncheon


  • Prepare and distribute minutes of the Board meetings
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of the annual Strategic Planning Session and other special meetings
  • Serve as Board liaison to one or more committees
  • Retain all Chapter documents associated with Board Meetings during office term
  • Responsible for long term storage of key documents during office term


  • Maintain the Chapter’s books and financial records
  • Report on the Chapter’s finances at Board meetings, including current (prior month-end) balance sheet and profit & loss statement
  • Maintain the Chapter’s bank accounts and reconcile all statements
  • Maintain the Chapter’s investment account
  • Prepare required reporting to APWA National, including income tax-related items
  • Pay all Chapter bills and reimbursement requests
  • Coordinate  with committees that have income and expenses, such as Dinner Dance, Awards, Golf Tournament, Education, and Transportation, to include those items in the Chapter books as required by APWA National
  • Provide all information required for the annual audit
  • Coordinate with banking institution to ensure chapter signature authority is current
  • Attend annual Audit Committee meeting and provide copies of financial books for review


  • Be active participant at board meetings by arriving on time and participating in discussions
  • Member on at least one standing committee
  • Represent chapter at regional and national events
  • Assist efforts to promote chapter
  • Membership Committee member


  • Coordinate with APWA National
  • Attend Board Meetings and share information
  • Attend Spring Conference Delegate Meeting
  • Represent chapter at regional and national events
  • Assist in identifying and supporting membership selections on national committees

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